Return to the Senses

Return to the Senses

For centuries, the senses were invoked for ritual and romance, protection and prayer. Our senses are our protective mechanism, our deepest instinct, our creative force. as ancient beings we are imbued with the gift of the senses to keep us safe, to create art, to make love in various ways.

This month, we prioritise a reconnection to the senses: a digital world is a blessing, but it is also an escape, pulling us to exist for so much of our lives in an ethereal, disembodied space.

For the majority of this month we are under the influence of Gemini, as well everything currently unfolding in the world — an active practice of returning to the senses, to the body, can bring us back to joy, to contentment (even when life is hard) and most importantly — back to earth, and the beauty that is available to us. 

Rest First ~ Live Workshops 

New Moon Rest

Your Art, Your Business, Your Pillars | A Soft Business Workshop

Full Moon Rest

The Poetry Within You | Workshop

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TDR Cafe Co-Working Session

Suggestions for the month ahead

Suggestions for the month ahead

♥ take yourself on a sensory artists date (a practice from the artists way)

♥ write down in your notes app / journal what you notice and feel. the songs that bring you to life, how it feels to eat your favourite food, the way certain fabrics rest on your skin.

♥ choose a specific herb or tea and drink it throughout the entire month with reverence and attention - watch your relationship with it evolve and grow.

♥ read: a natural history of the senses diane ackerman, the radiance sutras lorin roche

women who run with the wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estés, cleopatra alberto angela

The Playlist

The Playlist

This month's playlist is crafted to guide us in embracing the tactile wonders of the world around us. Infused with melodies that stimulate the senses and beckon us back to the earth, each track is a step towards reconnecting with our instinctual roots. Let this collection be your companion as you rediscover joy and contentment through the simple, sensory pleasures of life.